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What we do ? 

 Here we sell organic, natural & cruelty free skin care & body care products. All of our products are formulated by us & hand made. Each and every product of ours has its original recipe. We are based in Kuwait, "A small country located in the middle east". We create products that are fun to use, amusing to look at & smells good enough to eat. 


Let's go back in time to 2017, when our founder first became obsessed with natural skin care. At the time she was still learning about all the benefits and powers of natural ingredients. She struggled from stretch marks, cellulite, keratosis piraeus (chicken skin) & discolorations, just to name a few. So she thought about going natural & organic. Because she had a bad experience with synthetic products that smelled good but made her skin worse! 

When she witnessed all the benefits she was amazed how fast she saw results, and started to learn more & more about organic skin care and how to make her own. Our first launch was in 2019, our main goal was to share the experience with our customers. We want them to try and see the huge difference in their skin when they switch natural. During that time she went to one of the best natural skin care schools and got her education to formulate and develop the best products for you to choose from. 


We only use premium grade, organic or naturally sourced, clean ingredients. No nasties, no funny stuff. We source all of our ingredients from certified suppliers. Most of our ingredients are vegan friendly. We make sure we list all of the ingredients for customers to read about, because we know some people have allergies and each skin is different. 

our values 

1- Transparency:
We believe that being honest and open is important to you as it is for us. 
2- Passion:
Is what drives us and makes us evolve as a brand. 
3- Love: 
We love what we do, and it makes up happy spreading that love with you. 
4- Quality: 
We make for you, is what we make for ourselves. If we think the quality could be better, we will make it better. 
5- Customer commitment: 
We are committed to deliver to you the best experience, we care how you feel interacting with us on every aspect. 
6- Information: 
We want to share all the information we have with you, we never want to leave you feeling "I need to know more"
7- Fun: 
We want to make your experience as fun as possible! because who said natural skin care should be boring ?