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Who is Cocoa & Shea ?

Hello beauty queens, or kings.. 

If you're like me and like to know details about the brand you're buying from then this blog post is meant for you! 

You might have already scrolled down our shop or even tried one, or more of our products, and started to wonder who is this ? or where am I getting these products from ? or maybe you had a different set of questions. Here you will find all the answers. 


Who is Cocoa&Shea ? 

We are a skin care brand, located in Kuwait. We make vegan friendly, organic, natural products that suits all skin types even sensitive ones. 

What made Cocoa & Shea happen?

Let's go back to a few years ago, when most of us girls weren’t such experts in skin care as we are right now. If you’re still no expert that’s still fine. Anyway, I used to use drugstore products or the products from all stores we find in the malls, the ones that smell really good but is no good for our skin. 
When I used to apply those products on my skin I though wow my skin is really soft and this smells great. Little did I know that those products contained chemicals that is harming my skin instead of making better. 
I used to have keratosis piralis which is knows as ( chicken skin ), pigmentation, dry patches, cellulite, stretch marks, and you name it. So I decided to go online and search for home remedies to treat my skin. I was surprised at first at how effective natural ingredients are! The results I got within a week of using natural ingredients, takes months using cosmetic products.

Then I started to dig even deeper, until i joined a natural skincare school in the UK. I learned how to formulate safe, natural skincare products. and it took months and months of practice. Finally I was able to switch my entire body care collection into only products that I made naturally. When I saw how amazing the result were, I thought I should share them with the world. 


And that is exactly how Cocoa & Shea came to life! 


 Founder and creator of cocoa & shea: 

- Lulwa